Project Details

Creation Date: March 2018
Platform: Craft CMS
Partner: Levitate
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Services Provided: Website Design, Website Development, Basic Search Engine Optimization

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  • Website
  • UX/UI
  • Craft CMS

The Ask

We partnered with the Fort Wayne, Indiana based strategic communication company, Levitate to build a website for Great Heights. Great Heights is an applied behavior analysis company that was getting ready to move to a larger location and needed a website to reflect their growing business.

When the site was originally brought to us from another designer, it was headed in a good direction but was lacking any sort of CMS which was necessary to meet the needs of the Great Heights team.

Our Solution

We ended up doing a full website overhaul utilizing Bootstrap 3 (which is what the template was originally built on) and Craft CMS. First we went and converted the flat file pages, over to Craft Twig templates to get a better understanding of what we were working with. Then we removed duplicate code and classes that had nothing to do with applied behavior analysis. We then re-factored the CSS and introduced autoprefixer to make the website more cross-browser compatible. We then removed any unused classes and added in new custom styles to give the site a more consistent look and feel.

After the basic templates and CSS were all set. We built custom fields that the site would need to hook everything up to the CMS. Once everything was in place, we gave the site our basic SEO treatment and Levitate provided us with the copy and paired imagery.

Before launch, we went through the Spaceray Creative site launch checklist which is our extensive testing process to make sure the site is optimized and there aren't any bugs.


The team at Great Heights loved their new website that now allows them to easily drive brand awareness as well as bring in new leads for applied behavior analysis. They like how simple it is for them to make changes using their new CMS. The contact form on the website had a steady stream of inquiries by the time the site launched.

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