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Creation Date: February 2019
Platform: N/A
Partner: Tipping Point
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Services Provided: Landing Page Design, Landing Page Development

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The Ask

We partnered with the Rochester, Michigan based digital strategists and media buyer, Tipping Point to create a landing page for Ideal You. Ideal You is a weight loss solution that is monitored by doctors to lose weight fast, without starving yourself.

They were in need of a new landing page for a general AdWords campaign that was just being launched. The page needed to look sleek and have plenty of social proof to get potential customers interested enough to ultimately fill out the contact form or give them a call.

Our Solution

The team at Spaceray Creative had designed and built a custom static landing page to help gain leads. We organized the content and took visual cues from their main website. We then added content sliders of different before/after pictures as well as plenty of customer testimonials to help build social proof.

Ideal You Main Image

Landing Page - Desktop

Ideal You Tablet

Landing Page - Tablet

Ideal You Mobile

Landing Page - Mobile