Project Details

Creation Date: June 2017
Platform: Craft CMS
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  • Website
  • UX/UI
  • Craft

The Ask

Jazzy Jumpers is a bounce house rental company based out of Indiana that previously used another agency to design and develop their website. Upon project delivery, they had realized that the site was designed nicely, but the development was not where it should be. There were many flattened images of text and no image alt tags which largely affected their organic search results. The site had been built on WordPress, which made it difficult for the Jazzy Jumpers team to update. The busy season was just about to pick up for Jazzy Jumpers so Spaceray Creative took the reigns to go through the website and build a new custom look and experience.

Our Solution

We ended up doing a full website overhaul utilizing Craft CMS. All images have been converted to raw text for better page ranking. The site didn't previously have any analytics attached, so we went ahead and added it to see how users were interacting with the new website. Jazzy Jumpers absolutely loved their new website and how easy it is for them to now update the pages and content.

Jazzy Jumpers -Two Screen Frame
Jazzy Jumpers - Mobile Screen Frame