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Creation Date: May 2018
Platform: Craft CMS
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Reger Manufacturing is a specialty parts manufacturer based out of Fraser, Michigan. They specialize in small runs of parts for the automotive and amusement park sectors.

Previously, they had a small brochure-style website that was built in WordPress that they couldn’t edit themselves. They asked us to build them a completely new website that has the ability to expand and change with their business.

The Ask

During the time of the build, we only had access to two images from their previous site. We created some icons to help break up sections of text and we hope to add equipment photos in the future.

Over the years they had collected a lot of content in print form, but every print piece had different information in it. One of the goals of the website was to put everything into one place and update it.

While we were working on the website, Reger Manufacturing was in the process of going through a re-brand so we worked with a designer to help complete their brand guide, come up with color schemes and good font pairings.

The main focus of the new Reger Manufacturing website was to obtain leads through the contact form and give potential clients access to Reger’s full equipment list.

Our Solution

To be as expandable as possible we placed the website on Craft CMS and have taken over the website hosting. We also have the Spaceray Creative auto backup solution in place (that's included with all of our hosting packages), just in case the site needs to be restored.

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