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Creation Date: June 2018
Platform: WordPress
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Services Provided: Website Design, Website Development, Basic Search Engine Optimization, Branding

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  • WordPress
  • Branding
  • UX/UI
  • Divi

The Ask

Brandon, the owner of Chrome Cheese Studio was looking to get more serious with his business and showcase his artwork and products. Chrome Cheese Studio is a small mainly traditional studio that creates mazes and comics that inspire children to learn. He needed a small online store to be able to sell prints as well as have the ability to update the website himself. Brandon was also looking to update his branding to something more fun as well as create a color palette and basic style guide.

Our Solution

We decided to build the website on WordPress to utilize the WooCommerce shopping platform. In our opinion, WooCommerce is a great solution for smaller businesses with under 50 products to get started online. We utilized the Divi theme that includes our custom Divi Child that adds some better basic style rules as well as uses a SCSS/Gulp workflow for some of the heavy lifting. We hooked up the website to his Square account as his primary payment gateway so that Chrome Cheese Studio could keep better track of inventory and orders.

As well as keeping up with the website, we also focused on fixing Chrome Cheese Studio's social media presence. Before, there were a lot of random illustrations and other artwork that they had created that didn't match with their primary style of artwork. Keeping brand consistency was an issue, but together, we worked on clearing up all the social media profiles to create a more memorable brand. We also set up a Buffer profile to manage all the Chrome Cheese Studio Social Networks as well as be able to schedule posts to go out at different times instead of all at once.

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